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Founded in 2007, Anderson Property Inspections is a firm that specializes in environmental testing, regulatory consultation, expert witness testimony and third party insurance claim assistance.  


API consults on projects ranging from simple bathroom renovations to multi-million dollar commercial building restoration projects. With over 45 years of combined experience we offer one of the most seasoned, efficient and accurate options for these types of environmental surveys and home inspections in southern Colorado. It is critical for us to maintain a good reputation with the regulatory bodies that oversee our industry.  Consequently, we have forged a strong relationship with the Colorado Department of Health and Environment as well as the individual state inspectors. This enables us to navigate complex situations or issues when they arise along with assuring we are in compliance with the associated regulatory agencies.

Our XRF lead-based paint detection device which allows for the most accurate, comprehensive and cost effective method for lead-based paint examinations. 

We take an alternative approach to mold inspections with an emphasis on solid science  -visual/olfactory inspection, moisture detection/mapping and appropriate remediation techniques. We do not subscribe to the vast array of snake oil being peddled by the majority of "mold inspectors". API advises on a case by case basis due to our approach as many people are misinformed regarding the dangers posed by various mold/fungal species. In complex cases, we consult with one of the foremost forensic industrial hygienists in Colorado from which the majority of our methodology for our inspection work has been derived. 

If you are considering us for mold consultation work please contact us so we can better evaluate your individual needs.  

Our existing client base has chosen our firm to assume the liability of inspecting their properties and/or locating hazardous materials.  We are also able to aide in navigating the challenges associated with adhering to constantly fluctuating state and federal regulations concerning these examinations.

All three partners have been property adjusters at some point in their career. Between the three of us we have handled hundreds of claims covering everything from basic roofing claims to adjusting for hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Sandy.


We genuinely enjoy helping clients navigate the claims process along with the associated professionals to ensure the best possible outcome from their coverage.    

Ted Anderson

Ted has been involved in property evaluation since 2000. His career started in earnest as a mid-loss adjuster for a major insurance carrier.  During his tenure he became the Senior Property Adjuster for the local branch office. Ted has authored the firms report formats. our first ebook guide and manages quality assurance. This role has lead the firm to be free of any NOV's or civil penalties over thousands of surveys since inception in 2007. He has provided hazardous waste management for mutiple multi-million dollar commercial projects and consults in budgetary planning meetings for civic rehabilitation endeavours.  Ted graduated from the University of Colorado in Boulder with a BA in Cognitive Psychology in 1998.   

Rick Sinchak

Rick has been a key player in the Colorado asbestos industry since 1991.  He was instrumental in establishing one of the most prominant abatement companies along the front range.  Rick supervised several multi-million dollar commercial and industrial asbestos removal projects all over the state as well as conducted many successful projects on local military bases with the most stringent regulatory compliance. His in depth knowledge of the regulations and abatement process is tapped frequently by our clients and contractors. Rick also has experience as a CAT adjuster and spent months on the east coast assisting with large losses associated with the aftermath of hurricane Sandy.  He joined us as a full partner in 2014 and his experience rounds out API as one of the most experienced and knowledgeable environmental consulting firms in the region.

Shannon Anderson
Managing Director

Shannon comes from a property inspection background having been a CAT/Property adjuster for a major carrier in the early 2000's.  She adjusted large losses during hurricanes Katrina and Rita and was the first to leave the company to start API in 2007. She established our firm from the beginning and has been steadfast in ensuring our customer service quality and business relationship success. After graduating from the University of Denver with a degree in Sociology she has earned her Masters in Public Administration from the University of Colorado.  Today she spends half her time aiding in administration of API and the other half pursuing a small business consulting practice.   

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