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Notable Projects...

Robson Stadium Asbestos testing
Robson Stadium Downtown Colorado Springs
30+ Million Dollar Stadium Project downtown Colorado Springs required an entire city block to be demolished.  Buildings included single family dwellings, a motel, dry cleaners and restaurants.  All structures have had regulated asbestos removed and have been demolished to make way for a new hockey stadium.  We are proud to be a part of the new exciting growth in the downtown corridor. 
Broadmoor Area Full Demolition Asbestos
Broadmoor Area Revitalization and Gentrification
Broadmoor Area in Colorado Springs is seeing many of the older homes that are on incredible lots being removed and replaced with modern mansions.  Many of these plaster homes, even though they are quite old actually don't end up having very much regulated asbestos, which can be a great relief to these buyers as the expense of pre-demolition abatement can be thousands of additional dollars. 
Hospital Renovation Projects
Our meteoric growth in Colorado Springs is requiring almost all the existing hospitals to expand. We've conducted multiple asbestos surveys at these facilities to move these projects forward. 
Dumpster Debris Asbestos Surveys

An unaware contractor conducted significant demolition to a commercial structure which was then reported to the Colorado Department of Health and Environment. We were referred to help assess contamination of disposal units as well as interior asbestos spills due to unregulated asbestos disturbance.  Another reason to test all structures for asbestos prior to demolition as this was a very costly mistake to clean-up after enforcement.  

Underground Water Supply Pipe Testing

Many old supply lines are being replaced around the city.  These lines often have both asbestos tars, sealant and Transite associated with their composition. Asbestos testing dictates method of removal and disposal. 

Warehouse Fire

Relatively small fire caused substantial smoke damage to this warehouse. Luckily no asbestos was found as soot/smoke contamination had affected hundreds of pallets of materials that would have been disposed of if asbestos had been present.  

Window replacement project

Over 90 units were affected on the interior and exterior of this town home complex in Colorado Springs. Repairs and associated testing just wrapped up six months after the initial catastrophic hail storm.   

Large Scale Hotel Water Loss

Multi-level corporate hotel had large scale freeze break water loss multiple floors and units affected. 

Tutt Library

API has completed the process of conducting the bulk asbestos and lead-based paint consultations for this 22 million dollar project renovating the Tutt library complex on Colorado College campus. We have issued the demolition permits for the south building which has been torn down and the interior of the main building has been abated and completely renovated.  

Middle School Floor Renovation


Asbestos testing for a large resilient flooring replacement project for a local middle school. 

House flip in the Old North End

Lead-based paint and asbestos surveys were conducted for a turn of the century home in the historic North End neighborhood of Colorado Springs.  Reputable contractors like the ones involved in this project make sure to address all hazardous materials concerns associated with their renovation to ensure the end product they put on the market is safe for the family who will occupy it. 

Water Tank Replacement

Both asbestos and XRF Lead-based paint surveys were conducted on this large storage tank being replaced for Colorado Springs Utilities.  We enjoy conducting surveys on more unusual demolition projects as it presents new logistical challenges and introduces suspect materials we have not encountered before. 

Large scale apartment fires

We have inspected multiple large scale fires in the Colorado Springs region over the past year. Fortunately the majority of them have been new enough not to contain asbestos and consequently have not needed spill responses or extent of contamination testing which greatly increases the time and cost of the overall clean-up

Stadium Full Demolition Survey

Stadium complex with multiple buildings slated for demolition required asbestos survey work and demolition permit issuance. Another unique project that involved a significant number of suspect materials. 

Large Scale historical home renovation

Million dollar project to restore a historical landmark dwelling.  Extensive asbestos testing was required due to the long history of the building.  

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