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Our Clients...

Our clients include local municipalities, educational institutions, military installations, medical facilities, engineering firms, management companies, general contractors and property restoration firms.


We are happy to provide references tailored for a specific project scope if requested.


Client privacy is paramount as our field of consultation can come with significant liability. 

"Many thanks for undertaking our required asbestos surveys! We are so grateful for your services.  You've helped us in getting our apartments ready for a new round of families"

Sues Hess, Executive Director

“API has been providing amazing service us for our restoration company over seven years.  They go above and beyond to ensure our projects are handled in safest way as well as communicating and educating our clients on environmental issues"

Rich, Project Manager 

"Rick did a great job and excellent with communicating process and results"

Patricia Thorton, Homeowner

"Ted spent an extra hour at our home after conducting an asbestos test helping us sort our insurance claim.  He is genuinely vested in helping consumers and is a well of knowledge in navigating the claims process"

Steph Kiopilitz, Homeowner

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